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BoGy Games

BoGy Games ALL for Fun!!

We create games to enjoy everywhere

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Free mobile games for Android devices


BoGy Games creates games for everyone to play everywhere. Created for fun!!

Ready to go

You can use our games in every Android devices. Easy to learn, easy to play.

Created with Love

We create them with love & passion. We only do what we love.

Free games for everybody!!
BoGy Games FoR YoU

BoGy Games for you are games created by BoGy for everybody. They will test your memory, agility and fast thinking.

Games for you!

Juego 4 Shots


Are you willing to train your brain with 4 Shots? A game to test your speed and your reflexes.

The cannon doesn't stop! Quick shots and fast moving bullets.Try to keep up!

You have to choose the right color and a proper move, if you're wrong ... You lose.

Available on Google Play
Mobile Did you Know...?

Did you Know...?

This is not only a quiz but also a free game with amazing questions and incredible answers.

Did you Know...? has multiple stages and several themes. It is easy to play but hard to master.

If you thought you had seen everything about quiz or trivia games before, wait until you see (and play) Did you Know...?

Did you Know...? will be released very soon. We will keep you posted!

BoGy Games FoR KiDs

BoGy Games for kids are games that were created by BoGy team with one aim in mind, the children.

The characters, the context, the playability...Everything! They are more than a game.

Bogy games - Match for kids game

Match M for Kids

Test your memory, agility and fast thinking. With funny and attractive characters that will capture the children's attention.

Many different difficulty levels to offer an appropriate challenge to every player.

Available on Google Play

Match M for Halloween mobile game

Match M for Halloween

Test and train your visual memory with these Halloween characters!

Match M for Halloween is a free memory game, dressed up in Halloween colours and music.

This special horror version has witches, vampires, zombies, ghostly music, everything to make each fan of the genre happy.

Available on Google Play

Main BoGy Team - One Brand, One team

@LiaN - BoGy GamesLiaN

Lian is an experienced Cloud Computing Architect. He manages the projects from the idea to delivery. He understands the synergy between the design and the performance which shines through on every project.

@BurGa - BoGy GamesBurga

Burga is the artist of the team. He combines his passion for drawing and the digital world. He is responsible for illustrations, animations and anything that allows him to let his imagination and creativity run free.

@NiKa - BoGy GamesNiKA

Nika combines an expert technical knowledge with a real eye for design. She merges the creative tasks with the marketing. It can sound like a daunting task, but she loves what she does.